Welcome to Hourly Rooms.

A safe space and platform to help individuals find the most affordable accomodation around them.

About Us

Since 2021, Hourly Rooms has been helping their customers, young and old, find rooms that not only suit their budget but also accords for maximum comfort to help them leverage their time of leisure.

"Finding the perfect stay is sometimes the best part of a vacation" - Hourly Rooms is an attempt to bringing this to reality.

We help our customers embark on a seamless travel journey, right from suggesting the most perfect accomodation for them to making sure they have the best experience with us.

Our goal is to drive people towards the concept of "flexible bookings" and thereby drive innovation in every facet of the travel industry.

Over the coming years, we strive to transform into a platform that outrides boundaries of judgement when it comes to hourly bookings in hotels. We plan on developing an environment that guarantees maximum privacy and comfort to our fellow travellers.

With us, customers don't need to fear about expensive hotel bookings that drain out thier pockets. Be it a short client meet, a catchup with a friend, a flight delay or some private time with your loved ones, Hourly Rooms has got you covered.

Our Story

The idea of Hourly Rooms came from the discomfort many of us feel when you just need a place to stay over for a couple of hours and wonder why pay the hotel for an entire day?

Discovered through his own experiences, our Founder Mr. Umesh Patil concerns about what the general public feels when it comes to paying a hefty amount to the hotel when they've booked a room only for a few hours. Turning this problem to a fecund solution then became his only goal. There began the journey of Hourly Rooms.

We are a team of young and determined professionals that work towards providing our customers the most convenient hotel room by hours. We began hunting down the best hotels in Mumbai, but now have expanded to over 100+ cities all over the country, serving over 1 lakh happy customers.

We believe in benefitting both our customers and our associated hoteliers through our platform of hourly bookings.

About our Founder

Hourly Rooms is an absolute product of a divine idea that occured to our Founder, Mr. Umesh Patil. Coming from diverse walks of life, he acts as a binding element for his entire team at JM Group. Mr Patil is one among those entrepreneurs who started their journey with very little and despite the odds, he was able to build massive successes.

Born in Small village in Maharashtra, Mr Patil Started learning Management instead of Academics at the age of 16. As an adult, he had developed impressive skills in field of Management, understanding that Future-focused strategies always win out over present-focused ones. And hence He never entered a market that already existed; he created new ones, or made bets on how current markets would evolve and such was a product that developed known as Hourly Rooms that sprung as an extension to his existing line of hotels known as Jay Malhar Lodging and Boarding.

Mr.Patil's entire focus revolves around providing best in class hospitality solutions that embark a place into the minds of his customers for all their life.