We know how it feels when you have completely made a trip plan, but it got canceled. There can be multiple reasons your traveler mood is dead and you don't want to go out anymore as your weekend has gone flat. Here are some movies which will boost your adrenaline to get you excited about your next weekend plan. Here are 7 Bollywood movies that will inspire you to go on a trip. That we have picked for the traveler inside you. Maybe it will help you to plan your next trip.

Before starting our list, here are a few things that one must take care of: longer road trips can be exhausting. Taking a short break in between, especially traveling with your family, at a hotel, will give everybody a boost and motivate them to travel longer.

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Here we start our list of movies which will boost your traveler inside you.




Recently released movie, in this movie you will mostly see a road trip full of enthusiastic locations, while watching this movie you will enjoy the landscape of south India and see the picturesque places. This movie will make you appreciate the unpredictability of life. And the beautiful, which will motivate you to kick your bike and start your journey.

 This movie will show a beautiful road and landscape of Kochi, Ooty, and finally Bangalore.


 Dil Chahta hai.


We all have a dream of going to Goa by road with our friends. This movie is the main reason behind it. Three friends who decide to meet each year on a trip to Goa soon take different paths in life, but end up somehow reconnecting. It was Dil Chahta Hai that made Chapora Fort in North Goa a tourist hotspot. Apart from Goa, you can also find Dudhsagar Falls and admire the stunning visuals in Sydney.


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.



This movie made many Indians make plans to go to Spain. Even after a decade of release, the movie is a favourite to us all, the story is all about three friends who go on a trip to Spain to participate in a Bull race, skydiving, and Scuba diving, the movie is filled with road trips and full of exciting things, surprises, and bond which they share, in the end, you will be left with a smile on your face. This movie puts you completely engaged as the story progresses. After watching this movie with your friends on a weekend, don’t be surprised if you end up going on an unaccepted trip.

Jab we met.



A journey starts on a train, showing them how life can be full of surprises, from two strangers meeting and going on an adventurous journey full of ups and downs to falling in love with each other, travelling and showcasing the eye-charming landscape of Himachal to beautiful Bhatinda, Punjab. The movie is filled with unaccepted twists and turns from start to end, from missing the train to the road trip. To Find a place to spend the night. Which reminds me of.


This Scene. '



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This movie will leave you with a smile on your face. With its engaging story, you will definitely fall in love with this movie.




Heart-touching movie Piku, this movie takes us on a road trip, and also the emotional trip to the movie is filled with both elements. The ride from Delhi to Kolkata this movie is full of fun showcasing the fast-paced journey from Delhi city to charming Kolkata. Amazing road shot to street side traditional foods to eat, it's a great family movie to watch this movie will make a place in your mind.

 Road trip are amazing also see Mumbai to Leh by road: Ultimate Guide

 Chennai Express.



The movie starts with a few friends wanting to go to Goa to enjoy the beach heaven of India. But the unexpected journey is waiting for our protagonist, he tricks his grandmother by taking the Chennai express but this train and the nature of others' plan as it changes his life. Instead of going to Goa, he ends up in a beautiful village in south India, the amazing capture of the landscape will charm your eyes, and lush greenery will make your eyes charm. No one can forget the helicopter shot at Dudhsagar Fall. this movie makes you laugh and emotional at the same time.




What happens in Corsica, stays in Corsica, exploring the picture-perfect landscape of Corsica and parts of India will make you fall in love with this movie. The amazing cinematography and well-selected location make this more attractive. You can watch this movie entirely to give you new traveling and life changing experiences

 Here we have come to the end of our list but there are many movies which can inspire you to travel here are some honourable mentions of some movies.


- Yeh jawani hai diwani

- Queen

- Highway 


- Chalo Dilli

- Jab harry met Sejal

- Mumbai Varanasi Express (short film)

- On road (short film)

- Swadesh

- Rang de basanti


So, here we are with a few amazing destinations and inspiring movies which will motivate you to kick up your amazing trip. Whether you go Solo, with your partner, with friends, or with your family, short breaks in between your travels will give you the time to unwind from your travel experience. Pack your bags and get ready to explore the world. For your short breaks, which are important for one, we have introduced HOURLYROOMS. It is an online hotel booking platform where users can book hotel rooms on an hourly basis. To book your short stay, visit the website at hourlyrooms.co.in or download the Hourlyrooms app. Happy Travelling.