Planning a perfect accommodation for your vacation is crucial as locating a hotel with the best amenities is difficult. Especially when it comes to short stays, finding a hotel on the go is the most challenging thing to do. With hourly rooms, however, you can get a short stay while you travel. 


Do hotels offer short-stay rooms? Yes! Many hoteliers are now offering their vacant rooms on an hourly basis. By registering with us. 


So booking rooms on an hourly basis can benefit both you and the hotelier.

Flexible Check-ins and Check-outs:

A regular hotel booking has a fixed check-in and check-out time, but Hourly Rooms provides rooms on an hourly basis, so you can check in any time and stay as long as you need to and  ensure you have a relaxing and comfortable stay before you catch your next train, flight, or bus. 


As a hotelier, you can resell your vacant room again and make the most profit out of it.

Budget Friendly:

Had a long layover of 6 hours and didn't want to spend your time at the airport lounge? Want a comfy stay but don't want to pay for the entire day? Yes with Hourly Rooms. It means you only wait for hours and make you wait more comfy and relaxing. 

For On-The-Move People:

There are times when you travel long distances and need a place to rest for a few hours. It could be because of long driving hours or if you are trekking on foot. Taking homage is easier with hotels offering rooms by the hour, enabling hoteliers to generate more revenue from microstays. 


During long drives, it is very common to choose sightseeing locations between the source and the destination. You do not intend to carry your luggage everywhere with you, especially if it contains valuable items. You'll prefer to leave it in a room that is yours for the time you are in it. It is in cases like these where rooms by the hour come in handy. 


The concept of Room by Hour benefits transit passengers, business travellers, and couples, as they are able to book hotel rooms at their convenience and pay only for the hours that they stay. The hotelier is able to sell his vacant hotel rooms for short stays and increase profit on their current revenue. with