Located in western Ghat of Maharashtra, lies between the Mumbai to Nashik road the beautiful Hill Station, name Igatpuri famous for its Vipassana International Academy which teaches an ancient technique of meditation the place is filled with a lush green carpet of western ghat Igatpuri can be your next vacation place to escape your city chaos the pleasant climate will be best to burst your stress.


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About Igatpuri.



Igatpuri a beautiful hill station is one of the popular places to visit to enjoy your weekend, surrounded by Sahyadri ranges, making it a heavenly place for trekkers and nature lovers, also known for Vipassana International Academy, which teaches ancient meditation, wildlife sanctuary, to waterfalls. Monsoon is the best time to visit this place. 


Geographical Location.


Located in the Western Ghats of Indian State Maharashtra, Igatpuri Lies under the Nashik District Between Mumbai-Nashik Road.


How to get there. 



Igatpuri is well connected with two major cities of Maharashtra Pune and Mumbai. 


By Road: Just 45 Km from Nashik city and 130 Km from Mumbai this place lies on the busy Highway NH 3 Mumbai to Agra Highway, 250 Km from Pune. Drive would take you around 2 hr 48 min from Mumbai and 5 hr 3 min from pune.


By Train: Igatpuri railway station is very easy to reach via train, trains are available from Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik. 


By Air: The nearest airport to Igatpuri is Nashik Airport which is nearly 60 Km away, one can take a private vehicle to reach it. 


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Places to visit in Igatpuri.


Vipassana International Academy. 



Established in 1976, located near Mumbai-Agra Highway, Vipassana International Academy is considered to be the largest Meditation centre in the world. Which teaches the most Ancient Meditation Technique. This place welcomes everybody open-handed. Anybody can visit this meditation center regarding caste, creed, or religion you can also visit here to meditate for self-inner purification and get mental calm. 


Vaitarna Dam.



Constructed across the Vaitarna river Vaitarna Dam is the most famous tourist attraction in Igatpuri, Vaitarna Dam was built during the 50s, and it is the main source of electricity and water for several parts of Mumbai, this place has many things to offer to its visitor the stunning view of Ghats and its surrounding area, this place is also covered with dense forest area, visiting time are 9 am to 4 pm. 


Bhatsa River Valley.



Covered with thick greenery with a river flowing through it, want to exit the population and crowded chaos of city then you must visit the Bhatsa River Valley the woods, the river and this misty hilly sites give this place an eye charming view, this place makes you calm and refreshes your mind, monsoon is the best time to visit. You can also visit the temple which is dedicated to the goddess of ghats Ghatandevi mandir, a fan of nature. visiting this place will make you a fan of it. 


Camel Valley.



Best picnic spot for nature lovers and photographers, lush green land becomes more attractive during the monsoon as this place comes to life, the Cascading waterfall falling from 1000 ft height, the valley becomes most attractive and eye charming during monsoon, this place is perfect for you to just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. 


Tringalwadi fort.



Tringalwadi fort was the ancient route through the ghats to overlook the trade route which connected Konkan to Nashik area, the fort was under the hands of Shahji ( father of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) and also under the hands of Chatrapati Shivaji, during his rein. The fort is very much popular among hikers and trekkers and is located at the height of 3000 ft above sea level in the ranges of Sahyadri.

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