What do business travellers want in a hotel? Fast and reliable Wi-Fi is key, along with adequate workspace and proximity to the central business district.


Safety is another important consideration, as well as quality food and drink options, and smooth check-in and out. Focusing on the needs of business travellers, Hourly Rooms has created multiple hotel options for business travellers to choose from. 

How can hourly rooms meet the needs of business travellers during their stay, and how can hourly rooms be the most suitable option for them?

Stable Internet Connection

It is no surprise that a fast and reliable internet connection is essential for business travellers. This is either to prepare for a meeting or to make a presentation or in some cases to make a video call for the same. The hourly rooms have created a more convenient environment for business travellers to book a short stay, as well as have access to the internet.

Adequate Workspace

For a business traveller to stay productive, he or she needs a dedicated space to work in. According to your travel needs, this might mean a clean desk in the room or an accommodation option with a meeting room. With hourly rooms and a hotel teaming up with us, we have adapted the space to meet the needs of business travellers. 


Those days when travellers didn't have many options in hotel booking but nowadays Hotels have started to offer rooms on hourly basis which has become the first choice of business travellers when it comes to find room for early check-in and late check-out at certain hotels. The short-stay model of hotel booking accommodates all of the needs of a business traveller, whether it is delays in meetings, early flights out, or even the need for a private room for a few hours.

Use As luggage Rooms

If you're a business traveller, it's hard to carry your luggage everywhere, and it's harder when you're in the middle of a meeting, you can't take your luggage with you. Instead of carrying your luggage everywhere, it is more convenient to leave it in a place that's for the duration of your stay. It is in cases like these that rooms by the hour come in handy.


Booking a hotel on an hourly basis has many economical benefits since you only pay for the hours you pay and enjoy all the amenities of a regular hotel. Hourly rooms can be booked for short stays and used for a variety of purposes.