About Hourlyrooms:

Founded in the year 2020, amidst Covid-19, Hourlyrooms Hospitality Pvt Ltd is growing to be an advanced online platform to the travel industry. We are a team of young and dynamic people aiming to provide you the best in hospitality! We help you to find hotel rooms for few hours. Starting off with few cities.

With our passion for hospitality, we take pride in introducing people and hoteliers the option of hourly hotel booking. This is beneficial for both the customers as well as hoteliers itself.


What is Hourlystay?


An hourlystay, as the name suggests, is a short stay! When you just need to stop by for a few hours, why pay the for an entire 24-hour duration? Most hotels charge you a hefty amount even if you are using the room for 3 hours.


Why to choose Hourlyrooms?


With us your rescue to find hotel rooms for few hours, is no longer a problem!
We help you to get rooms for 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours and pay accordingly. Be it a flight delay, a brief layover or a short meet with clients and you need a room for a few hours, we will always have a solution. Besides providing rooms by the hour, we also take bookings for more than 24 hours as per your purpose- and everything in super affordable prices. Microstay is the new revolution in the Indian hospitality industry, and is all set to gain more momentum over time. Besides providing rooms on an hourly stay basis.


Can unmarried couples book a room through Hourlyrooms?


Well, of course!
There is no law in this country that prevents an unmarried couple to book hotel rooms. Hotels at Hourlyrooms provide a couple friendly environment. A couple can get rooms if they produce their valid identity proofs and they won’t face unnecessary moral policing. It is completely safe!




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